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Shadowcraft Jewerly & More

Bohemian Wooden Shelf | Mystic Keepsake Display

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$58.00 USD
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$58.00 USD
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 These little shelves are hand carved, durable and easy to put up. The hold little crystals, tea light candles, necklaces, pendulum and all other kinds of little trinkets to make a warm and inviting space. These cute little decors are easy to put together and look great on the wall. They won’t hold much, but the holes all the important things. Invite good energy in, with these shelves.

Please Note: The picture is for reference only! For actual size of item(s), See the size Information Chart Below in Details. 


Weight: MZ228 : 100g , MZ229 : 115g , MZ230 : 110G , MZ231 : 95g,
              MZ232 -237 : 115g , MZ238-240 : 130g.
Product Size:       MZ228 : 30x14x9cm (11.8x5.5x3.5in)

                              MZ229 : 22.4x20.4x9cm (10x8x3.5in) 

                              MZ230 : 22x17x9cm (11.8x6.7x3.5in)  

                              MZ231 : 21x14x9cm (11.8x6.5x3.5in) 

                              MZ232 : 21x20x9cm (10x7.9x3.5in)  

                              MZ233 -237: 22x14x9cm (10x5.5x3.5in)  

                              MZ238-240: 32x16x9cm (15x6.3x3.5in)  

Packaging: One Item
Note: Uses Bucket Hooks, Some Assembly Required