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Shadowcraft Jewerly & More

Natural Stone Ear Plugs | Gauges Plugs (2pc) Piercing

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$6.24 USD
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These natural stone air plugs or amazing pieces for your collection. Carefully selected and hand carved pieces which showed the beauty of the stone and enhance the one who’s wearing it. As most people know, natural stones have certain properties which will brought out as you wear them. Enjoy a piece of nature at your earbuds.
Artist Made Items
Type: Double Flare Saddle Stone Ear Plugs Tunnels Piercing Jewelry Material: Organic Stone
Flares: Double Flare (2mm larger than the gauge size)
Style: Saddle
Worn In: Ear, Lobe, Helix,
Quantity: 2 pieces
Gauge/Size: 4g=5mm, 2g=6mm, 0g=8mm, 00g=10mm, 1/2''=12mm, 9/16''=14mm, 5/8''=16mm, 3/4''=19mm, 7/8''=22mm, 1''=25mm

Please Note:
1. This item is crafted from organic material and the gauge can vary plus or minus up to 0.5 mm.
2. As the product is made from broad or natural materials, please be advised that there may be some variance in color, tone and pattern. Pairs may be miss matched. We send items randomly.